About Us

Coffee is our Passion

About a year before we would get married Katie and I ‘went out for coffee’ together for the first time. It was a tiny storefront coffee shop/café with loads of hippy college students, bare brick walls, worn hardwood floors, a single bathroom in the basement and great local artwork on the walls. The place was Coffee News Café and it is still located on Grand Avenue just west of Snelling Avenue in St Paul, MN. It was here that both of us shared that we would love to own a coffee shop someday. That was late 1999.

Since then we have made a point to check out and frequent coffee shops in all the towns that we have lived in from College Station, TX to Chicago, IL to Cambridge, MN to Oshkosh, WI.

We got into coffee roasting because we have a passion for coffee. We will never have a huge selection, but you can be assured that the coffee that we offer will be carefully selected for its outstanding aroma, taste and body. We will roast to order to the precise degree that will bring out all of its best nuances.

We put a great deal of ourselves into our coffee and would love to hear about what you think about it. Email us at newrootscoffee@mac.com and share your passion for coffee and coffee shops. We can’t wait to get to know you!

Life is too short to drink bad coffee!


Joseph and Katie Zimmermann

Our Commitment to Leadership in Social Responsibility and Sustainability

We use 100% compostable cups, straws and wraps, heat our roasting facility with local wood and support the use of of wind energy through Wisconsin Public Service's Naturewise program.

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