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NicaraguaFinca las Camilias- Sold Out! Sorry

Finca las Camelias is located in the northern part of Nicaragua not far from the city of Jinotega. This coffee is grown at the altitude of 3,900 to 4,400 ft above sea level. The higher altitude results in a slower maturation process for the cherries and denser beans resulting in exceptional cup quality.

The region’s rich volcanic soil, adequate rainfall and mild temperatures produce ideal growing conditions. This coffee is produced from 100 percent red and yellow caturra varieties. After the traditional washing and fermenting process, the coffee is sun dried on patios. Then to protect the beans from the elements, it is held in pergamino until shipment with the shell still attached. The beans are then hand sorted to ensure quality.

NicaraguaFinca las Camilias- Sold Out! Sorry

Clean and lovely with pleasant caramel and citrus notes. Medium Roast.


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